Darren Lo Kong Kiat, known in game as b1uetears, is currently a soldier. b1ue is invited by Kreston after he left the Southern Cross Sentinels(SCS) by a recommendation from Capbuster(Ruebern Wong)

WOT playstyleEdit

B1uetears is a Jack of All Trades, but master of French autoloaders. He knows nearly all the good spotting positions in the map, and get to them and laughs as the enemy gets nuked. He does the heavy tank job of finding the biggest battle on the map, and throws himself into it, where his knowledge of weakspots and reload time serves him well. He uses the terrain for cover as he flanks in his light tanks and medium tanks. He plays the TD as an initial support, then aggressive tank hunter.

Tanks in garage:T50,Churchill 3, KV-2,IS,Loltraktor, VK3601H,Pz.Kpfw.VI tiger,JagdPanther,Hummel,T1 cunningham,M2 light tank, M4A3E8 sherman,T26E4 super pershing, T34,T40,M18 Hellcat,T25/2,M37,ELC AMX, AMX 13 90, BDR G1B,Covenator and the Type 34.

Favourite tanks: M18 Hellcat, ELC AMX,AMX 13 90,JagdPanther, Battleship.

Mods UsedEdit

Locastan mod pack


Historical Realism Gun Sound

J1mbo's gun sight mod

Personal LifeEdit

B1uetears used to be a long range sniper bot, which is able to send out drones for close and medium range work. Recently retired, and is currently playing computer games, and studying up unstudied work.(fictional)

Darren Lo Kong Kiat is a 16 year old student, studying at HCIS. He currently lives in Singapore, and is fluent in English, and not so much in Mandarin Chinese.

Loves to read and play computer games.